Printed Tissue Paper

Printed Tissue Paper is a popular way to add an extra level of sophistication to a customer’s purchase & unboxing experience. We have a fantastic range of custom tissue paper that can help your shop resonate luxury appeal.

Our bespoke tissue paper is non-toxic, acid-free food safe making it extremely versatile and suitable for a huge range of uses. We are able to print with your exact colour reference and even Pantones to ensure we match your brand colours. Alternatively we can print in CMYK for those full colour designs.

We also offer Printed Wrapping Paper which is a creative way to promote your brand and add that extra appeal whilst at the same time providing protection to your products inside a carrier bag or box.

Our standard sheet size is 500x700mm, we can also cut to any size within this for no additonal charge.
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Delivery times from as quick as 5 working days.
Minimum quantity as low as 250 sheets.

Browse our online offers and order your Printed Tissue Paper directly online.

Sample packs are also available for purchase. This is a great way to feel the quality in your hand and see it for yourself.
Do you need bespoke samples created? Contact our helpful staff who can explain the packages available!

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Why Choose us?
  • Trusted in the industry for over 11 years.
  • Highly trained and experienced sales team.
  • Extensive Range.
  • A bespoke solution for each client.
  • Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery.